How to Keep Your Futon Mattress From Sliding Down the Full Futon Frame!

Everyone who owns a futon can relate to all of these situations. You’re always pulling your mattress up so it sits up straight on the frame! Every time you flip and turn your mattress your pretty sure it has a mind of it’s own because it always wants to jump off the futon frame! Your mattress slides forward off the frame till it’s halfway on the floor! You know – your sitting on your futon watching some TV and before you realize it you have slid half way down the futon frame! How many of these have happened to you?

The only question anyone who owns a futon has ever asked is “how do I keep my mattress from slipping off my futon frame?” Let’s take a look at a few reasons why this might happen and then what can be done about it.

You just bought a new mattress and they tend to be stiff till they break in or you just flipped and turned your mattress and when you do that the mattress has a tendency to want to pop off the futon frame. Another reason could be that the soft cloth material of your futon mattress cover and the futon frame just makes a nice slippery combination. One person put it best when she said, “my kid loves it because he thinks it’s a ride”.

There are a few products on the market that claim to combat this problem and one that claims to be the solution – lets take a look at them.

The first product is called gripper strips, the bottom side of the strip has an adhesive that you stick onto the front edge of your futon frame seat and as well as the top edge of the back deck of your futon frame. The top side of the strip is made with a foam material, when it comes in contact with your futon mattress cover material it creates a resistance and is suppose to help hold your futon mattress in place.

Product number two is a rug pad, you can find them at furniture store, department store, or you could check your local futon store. You just lay the rug pad on the futon frame seat and set your mattress on top of the rug stopper material and hope it stops it from sliding.

Last but not least we have the futon mattress strap. The futon mattress strap eliminates the need to ever pull your mattress up off the floor again! The Futon Mattress Strap is made of rugged 1 inch wide nylon webbing along with durable plastic buckles. You can install the strap across the full futon mattress in about 10 minutes and your mattress is secured. The futon mattress strap tucks neatly in the crease of your mattress, you never see it!