How to Keep Your Man Wanting More – 4 Tips on Building Emotional Attraction With a Man

The only way to keep your man wanting more is building attraction with him. I am not talking about physical attraction either but you know that already …

Physical attraction is important but only in the sense that men are visual and it helps to look good to get their attention but looking pretty alone will not keep his interest for very long.

Attraction goes a whole lot deeper than just looking good.

I am sure that you have noticed that there are many gorgeous women who always seem to be having relationship problems so clearly looking good has nothing to do with having a lasting, healthy, happy relationship.

The attraction a man has for you is nothing that he can control either. In other words, he will either feel it for you or he will not. Unfortunately, there is no middle ground with this one.

But because it is nothing that he can control, we can use that knowledge to our advantage!

So what kind of attraction do you need to build with the man in your life and how do you do that?

You need to build massive emotional attraction with him. This is how you inspire a man to be interested in being with you and only you.

The emotional attraction you build with him has to do with how you make him feel when he is around you.

In essence, you have to make him feel good at all times so that he has fun when he is with you and remembers the good times you spend together when he is AWAY from you.

That way when he is away from you, he keeps thinking about you and every time he thinks of you he can not help but smile and wonder when next he will be able to talk to you or see you.

It's easy to build this attraction if you remember that if he feels good being with you, he will stay. If he feels bad being with you, he will go (and sometimes faster than you can blink).

So how do you build emotional attraction with a man?

1. Play with him. Make sure that you have lots of fun together. Always keep him smiling. When he is smiling, everything is good and "la vie est belle" as they say. This tip may sound incredibly simplistic but it is really very powerful.

2. Give him as much space as you can. Enjoy the time you have when you are together. Have fun and live in the moment but do NOT crowd him. Pull back sometimes and allow him to miss you, to wonder about you and come come looking for you. Let him have fun with that sometimes. Enjoy the magic when he finds you.

3. Be interesting and unpredictable. Be provocative sometimes with what you say and do so that he never quite knows what you will say or do next. That way he can not help but think about you because you keep him guessing.

4. Take things slowly to the point where he is not sure how into you are. It does not matter how much fun you are having with him, do not try to rush ahead by forcing your feelings on him. The key here is staying one step behind him and two steps ahead so that he is not quite sure what you want from him. This is how you keep him on his toes.

Building emotional attraction is as much fun for you as it is for him and in the end you both get what you want!

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