How to Kiss the Neck

Possibly one of the most underrated abilities available in a man’s repertoire of seduction. Definitely overlooked as an ability in a WOMAN’S repertoire of seduction, the neck kiss can evoke amazing results if done correctly, and if the recipient happens to be particularly sensitive in their neck, there’s no telling what may happen!

How to Kiss a Girl’s Neck

This is for the gentlemen. Ladies, I’ll be talking to you in just a bit. Guys, it’s time to learn how to kiss a girls neck. When you are getting ready to kiss a girl on the neck, you need to know how powerful of a move this is. This is a kiss that gets very intimate, very close, very fast. This kiss can be made from a normal make out session, or can be started on the dance floor. There are no really set rules when it comes to how to kiss a girl on the neck.

From a make out session: Just break off the kiss, and use a hand to tilt her head back. This will give you a clear approach. Bring your face in and lay down small kisses, or pecks all around her neck, throat, chin line, and collar bone. Also, the soft area under the ear is a great spot to concentrate your kisses. You can try spreading out the kissing, or laying them down in a line. Keep them short, do not lick or slobber on her throat, just try to go with the small pecks.

While dancing: If you have been dancing for a few minutes, and you aren’t sure what to do to intensify your interaction, you should start kissing the girl’s neck. It should not be hard to figure out how to kiss her neck. Just lean your head over her back (assuming you are taller than she is and her back is to you) and breathe gently on her neck. Then take her hair and softly pull it to one side of her head. At this point, she may even help you, by pulling her hair sideways.

If you’re doing these things right, then your girl will probably be closing her eyes, tilting her head back, and maybe even sighing with enjoyment.

How to Kiss a Guy’s Neck

Finally, what you’ve been waiting for ladies. I bet you never guessed that guys’ necks can be just as sensitive as your own when it comes to a little wandering lip action.

The best part about kissing a guy on the neck is that sometimes he won’t expect it. It feels great, believe me. Having a girl’s lips nuzzling up against his throat and caressing his neck muscles, will send shivers right down the spine of any straight guy lucky enough to experience this. Follow pretty much the same rules as listed above for guys kissing the neck. Try surprising your guy by grabbing him from behind, wrapping your arms around him, and softly kissing the back of his neck.


You know how to kiss the neck, but when you’re kissing the neck, there’s a place that you can EASILY transition to that is so extremely arousing, it will leave both guys and girls out of breath and begging for more. Read More about this on my blog, How to Kiss Good Look for the article about the Sexy Secret Spot.