How to Know If Your Crush is Taken

So you have a huge crush on someone from school and you’re ready to ask them out, but you’re not sure if to do so because well, “they’re perfect, they probably have a boyfriend/girlfriend already.” Surprisingly you’ll find that many of your crushes are probably not taken or will be single soon. 99.9% of the times the person you like likes you back. It’s fact! No, really it is. My professor said so. Always believe your college professors that’s why they studied for years. Anyway, I figured I could tell you a few things that are quite obvious to my eyes to know if your crush is taken or not. I know many of you will probably say, “Dude, just ask them!” Unless you’re an extremely brave-careless, whose nerves never come through when you see her, person go ahead and ask her. Maybe she won’t think you’re weird for asking such a private question. Perhaps you can use this guide before she actually just tells you, “Yes I have a boyfriend.”

The following applies in the scenario where you talk to your crush and she (or he, but I’m using she) knows you and you two talk either at work or school, etc. often.

The Big Picture

Cell Phone Obsession:

It’s 2010 and just about any human being has a cell phone this days. Use your cell phone comprehension to find out if your crush is taken. If a person has a boyfriend or girlfriend they’ll constantly text them, call them, or keep there phone by their side at all times. Now, yes sure the person who they’re texting can be a friend. There’s another way to lock your answer. But first, take note:

– Is your crush constantly texting? Texting too much to the point where she doesn’t even look at you while you’re talking?

– Is your crush always on the phone? Perhaps she’s walking out of class and she immediately reaches for her phone and calls someone. Does she pay attention to you or does she ignore you and sticks her phone to her ear all the way to her car?

A Nosy Wallpaper

Another way of figuring if your crush is taken is by looking at her cell phone wallpaper. Being nosy may not be a good thing, but you don’t have put your face on her cell to find out! It’s bound to happen: You two are talking and she lays her phone down. If you are near each other, which you probably will when you talk, you’ll easily notice. Just glance it at it. Don’t stare at it! Glance. Off the top you’ll notice either:

A) There is a boy around her age or a little older looking

B) There is a boy and herself together, cuddling, or kissing

C) She’s with a girl cheesing hardcore

D) There is a picture of herself making the fish face or throwing the peace sign

Occasionally, there are other rare pictures of her family members, or perhaps a baby that could be hers or her brother. If there is a boy, and he doesn’t look gay, it’s bound to be her man. You can usually tell when it’s her boyfriend or just a friend. If she’s with another girl and they look too friendly, duh they’re friends. If she has a picture of herself, there you have it, she’s in love with herself. All together, many have pictures of their boyfriends/girlfriends on their cell phone wallpaper. Why wouldn’t they?

Listen Wisely

It will happen. You’re both walking to your cars after class and her phone rings. She answers it while you two are walking beside each other. Stay quiet and take notice.

– Can you hear the other person on the line’s voice? Is she a female or male?

– Grasp a few sentences, what are they talking about? “Is dad home? I’m on my way.” ~ “Are you picking me up tonight?” or “Tell Jenny not to eat the left overs!”

– Did she say ‘I love you’ like every other taken person when they hang up the phone with their love?

Know Your Crush

If this is a fairly new crush you’re having, it will be easier to get to know the person right off the bat without feeling like you’re reading their diary. Here are a few things you can do to open a decent conversation that may lead to more details that you wouldn’t expect to know. Depending on her answers you’ll notice a few things in this category too.

– If she’s taken you’ll know right away. Most of the times they’ll mention their boyfriend/girlfriend immediately jumping into a semi-personal conversation. “One time my boyfriend…”

– Does she mention one person a lot?

– Does she tell you about friends in general? Or perhaps she keeps mentioning “this one friend” over and over again.

If you two get along fairly well you can initiate a semi-personal conversation innocently by asking a start off questions such as: “So what are you majoring in?” which most of the times escalate to “Oh really? So you live near by?” & then “You graduated from what school?” It pretty much always leads to her talking about her high school friends, or how she was in the Highschool basketball team, etc. etc. Eventually, trust me, she’ll feel comfortable enough to ask you questions that will allow you to ask them back. “What did you do last summer?” – “Last summer I went to LA with my ex-girlfriend, what did you do?”

How to know if your crush likes you back?

Well, this is another topic. Rest assure, if your crush doesn’t mind being around you, talking to you, or perhaps she waits for you after class to walk you to your car. You can safely say she likes you;). Whether she likes you, likes you, I don’t know. You’ll have to figure that one on your own buddy. The key is to notice! Many of the times your crush will follow you after leaving class if you don’t wait for her.