How To Lay Bathroom Tiles

Prepare Yourself

The first step in laying bathroom tiles is to be prepared. You want to start with a clean and smooth surface. If there are even small problems with the flooring, chances are you will not get the tiles to lie correctly. To be sure that this happens, use a sander on the floor to completely even it out. You can then sweep up, wash and dry the floor before you go any further. If the floor is not stripped though, you may find that the tiling can not get a good grip on the floor for stability.

Once the floor has been prepared, the next step is to purchase the correct number of tiles for the bathroom area that you have. Do not underestimate how many you need. It is often necessary to purchase at least 15 percent more than you think you need. This provides you with safety in extras in case of problems with calculations or even if the tiles do break along the way. In addition, this gives you enough to put away in case the bathroom tiles break down the road. You can then easily replace them.

Placing Them Down

When laying bathroom tiles the adhesive step is one of the most important. Purchase the correct type of product for your need. For the bathroom, it is important to find waterproof adhesive for the area. If you use an adhesive that does not provide this protection, the adhesive will deteriorate over time leaving the tiles vulnerable to many problems later. A small crack or even a tiny space can allow water to see in, causing a number of problems for you. Instead, purchase and use the correct adhesive.

Grouting Correctly

When laying bathroom tiles, the grouting process is just as important as the adhesive. Be sure to wait at least a full day from the time that you lay the bathroom times before you start the process of grouting. This gives the adhesive time to set. You can then apply the grout correctly. Do only a small area of ​​a time so that you can remove excess grout before it dries and you can not remove it later. Use the correct tools to firmly position the grout into the grooves.