How to Lose a Beer Belly by Putting on Weight and Eating More

Yes you did read the title correctly and no I'm not insane (as far as I'm aware). So how can you get rid of your beer gut by actually putting on weight? The answer is very straightforward if you understand how the body stores fat and burns fat.

Getting rid of the layer of flab that's covering your abs and collected around your waist (sometimes referred to as 'spare tire') requires some serious fat burning. There's no amount of crunches and ab exercises that can get round the fact that to lose the gut you gotta burn it off. And what is the most effective way to do that?

Off to the treadmill, cycle machine or whatever cardio exercise you choose would be the normal answer to that but there is an even better way! It does involve cardio but the real fat burner is the other part of the formula – weight gain. And by weight I'm not referring to eating more pizza and drinking more beer I mean pumping weights and building up lean body mass.

Here's the thing – the more muscle (lean body mass) you have the more calories you burn at rest (burn calories in your sleep) – particularly when those muscles are growing. By building your muscles you will very effectively burn fat all around your body including your mid section.

Because lean body mass actually weighs more than fat – when you get on the scales you will find you have to put on weight, good weight. Your body fat percentage will be lower but your overall body weight higher. You'll now want to be measuring your results with the mirror and not the scales. There are ways of measuring body fat percentage as well if you really want to crunch the numbers.

But this kind of weight gain will not deflate that spare tire on its own, you have to burn off with cardio as well and eat right. Diet wise you do not want to deprive your body of the nutrition it needs when building muscles, you will need to feed those muscles for them to grow. Growing muscles like a high protein diet, cardio and weight training exercise likes a good supply of fuel in the form of carbohydrates.

I find that when I do a big workout I can not do it if I have not got the fuel inside me from a high cardio meal prior to the session. When I've finished I'm usually starving hungry and craving high protein ingredients such as steak, chicken or fish. All this food is contributing to me putting on lean body mass which burns fat while I sleep and go about my daily life.

It's all about using the right combination, eat the right kind of foods, do the right exercise – all in the right proportions and at the right times and you will see optimal results, get it right and you'll be eating more, putting on weight, getting leaner, fitter, healthier and closer to that body you've always wanted.

Losing the beer belly is not hard when you know how to get the best results by using the most effective tried and tested formula there is. Do not waste hours puffing and wheezing on the gutbuster2000 – get out there, earn that T-bone then make it work for you!