How to Lose a Belly by Correcting Your Posture

The human body is something marvelous. It is designed in a way that everything is connected, everything you do in one part influences the other. You can’t separate them because the human body is a whole. This way you’ll understand how correcting the posture on your back determines the way your belly looks. Just by changing your posture to a correct form you can in fact look slimmer and fit. Here are a few tips you must keep in mind in order to achieve what I have just told you.

Stand Up Straight

Well don’t just stand straight, sit straight as well! Slouching will make your stomach look bigger, so by straightening your spine you’ll look much slimmer. You may find it difficult to remain in a correct posture at all times, this is because your back muscles need to adapt to the correct posture. So what is happening here? You are also working the muscles of your back. This brings another butterfly effect, which are less back pain and problems.

Back pain is one of the reasons people stop exercising. I all start with a bad posture and from that you need to work. So it is simple this advice, yet you have to keep it in mind at all times. I recommend you write it on a small paper just to remind you.

Do Back Extensions

If you’ve read my other articles, you know the crunchless crunch. This is a similar movement but backwards.

1. Lie on your stomach, forehead on the floor.

2. Put your arms on the sides with your palms facing the ceiling.

3. Contract your back muscles to lift your torso off the floor, and hold the contraction briefly.

4. Slowly and with control, lower back your torso down to the floor, repeat for a set.

Following this simple advice in the article will do wonders for both your posture and your belly. Back muscles are as important as stomach muscles so I recommend you to keep working on them but with care and the help of a professional, since a back injury is terrible. You can also work some Pilates exercises which are all designed to strengthen your core area (abs and back). Good luck!