How To Maintain Your Percale Sheets

People like to know that when they buy something it is not going to need replacing in a few short months. This is especially true for people that prefer spending more for things with higher quality instead of buying things with shorter useful life. Percale sheets are known to be a bit expensive compared to other fabrics because of their crispness. Quality can be lost if the sheets are not treated with care. Here are some suggestions you can follow to maintain that fresh, crisp feeling of your percale sheets.

Wash Yourself – As you know, sweat, dirt, and grime can lead to the deterioration of your fabric faster due to their acidity and the fact that they can grind against the fabric of the sheets, making micro-abrasions that speed up the aging process . Therefore, showering before bed means there will be less of these bad stuff on your bedsheets. Beside, it's the right thing to do.

Wash Your Sheets – This is as good as taking a regular bath for human bees. In the case of percale bed sheets, washing them regularly ensures the removal of dirt, grime, oil and sweat that thickens on the layer of your sheets. These substitutes, if left for too long, can hasten the breaking down of your fabric and would eventually affect its quality. On the average, washing it once a week is enough to keep it in good shape. This frequency should also not make you feel overworked with all that washing. Having an alternate sheet can also keep the damage when washing to a minimum.

Line Dry If Possible – One of the characteristics that makes percale bed sheets attractive to people is their "crisp" feeling. This feeling is achievable easily by hanging them on a clothesline. Doing this is also effective for avoiding damage since the clothes do not go rumbling inside the dryer. Should a dryer be needed, it is better to use low heat so as to minimize the stress of high heat on the fabric.

Enjoy Them As Often As You Can – Nothing lasts forever, much less your percale sheets. There will come a time when they may need to be replaced due to damage or wear and tear. But do not be afraid to use them. With proper care, your percale sheets will last longer than any other fabric in the market. Be thankful if you have such a fantastic set of percale sheets and remember that enjoying them every time you can not such a bad thing.