How to Maintain Your RV Air Conditioner Unit

An air conditioner unit plays a crucial part in a home, office and even vehicles, particularly during summer months. Maintaining its first-class condition should be one of your top concerns. This is especially true if your unit is an RV air conditioner. This type of air conditioner unit should be maintained regularly and consistently since it has several complicated parts including a compressor, motor, and evaporator coil. As an owner, it is your responsibility to provide maintenance to your appliances. Improper management will only result in costly repairs and possibly even breakouts while on your summer vacation.

Split-system AC units can be installed as an RV air conditioner. Both have condensers as well as compressor units. They can be installed on the outside roof while the air-cooling unit can be installed on the interior ceiling. If your RV is longer than 35 feet, you need to use two units if you want to cool the RV.

Tips to Maintain Your RV air conditioners

• Make sure that you change your air filter every month.

• If you are using reusable filters, make sure that you wash it using warm water and let it dry before you reinstall it.

• Make sure that your filters are not clogged. A clogged filter will be inefficient, and it will cost you dearly in higher operation cost. If your filter is clogged, it will also affect other parts and components of your unit.

• Use a damp cloth to clean the outside of the unit.

• Make sure that you clean your evaporator coil on your rooftop. You can put a shield to protect your coil.

• Check the basket seal of your RV air conditioner on a regular basis. This is located at the bottom of your unit on the ceiling. In addition, make sure that you clean your drain holes, and you remove all the debris to prevent an outflow of the condensate.

• Check out your unit before going on a summer break. Make sure that the fan and temperature controls are working properly. Aside from that, make sure that your unit has a sufficient power source.

• Install a proper and adequate circuit breaker. Remember that an insufficient power supply can result in serious damage and risk to the unit. If you want to enjoy your summer vacation, make sure that your RV air conditioner is working at its best. To do this, make sure that you do regular and consistent maintenance.