How to Make a Homemade Pizza With Your Kids

It can be a lot of fun to roll up your sleeves and make a homemade pizza with your kids. It can also be pretty economical too. When you are tired of ordering delivery for your pizza or just throwing a frozen one into the oven, then you should try making a pizza using ingredients you'll find around the house. If you want to make a more traditional-looking pizza, you will need a special trip to the grocery store to procure the right ingredients.

There are three major parts of that go into making a pizza so you'll want to focus your attention on these:

Crust – This is the part where you have to think outside the box. One successful at-home idea would be to use the dough from a package of crescent rolls. Another popular option is to make mini-pizzas using English muffins. You can even use ordinary white bread if you do not have any other options. If you're going to make a special trip to the store for the ingredients then you'll want to grab a ready-made at home pizza crust for the best results, and for the least amount of work. Get your kids involved by having them cut the crusts off the bread, or unrolling the crescent roll dough. If you went with a pre-made crust, have them open it and get it ready.

Sauce – You probably have a jar or can of spaghetti sauce, and that will work if you just want to use items you already have in your kitchen. If you are shopping for ingredients then you will want to pick up a jar of pizza sauce that looks good to you. Let your kids be the ones to spread the sauce evenly across your chosen crust. Do not worry if it's not perfect, that just gives it the character of a homemade pie.

Toppings – This is where you get to really shine as far as individuality, creativity, and experimentation go. Feel free to go wild. Try toppings they just do not offer at the local pizzeria. You can make combinations of your favorite foods that only you enjoy on a personal sized pizza. That way if you like broccoli on your pizza but your children do not, you can have as much of it as you want! Wondering what it would be like to have a Turkey pizza? Wonder no more! Do you like having an absurd amount of cheese on your pizza, and they never seem to put enough on? You decide how much extra cheese you will have! The possibilities are really endless here because you can let your kids try different toppings, and if they taste horrible, you can just scrap it and try again.

So as you can see it does not have to be a daunting task to make pizza at home with your kids. You do not have to make everything from scratch. Plus you can actually have fun in the process, instead of just waiting out the 30 minutes for the deliver person to arrive.