How to Make a Magazine Mosaic

So most mosaics are used with cement and tile but in this case its used with pieces of magazines. This is great for kids. Very child proof, easy and fun!

The things you will need for this craft are:

Paper plate

Magazine pages


White glue


Small brush


1. Before you design your mosaic, think of what you want to do. You can look online or if you happen to have a book of mosaics laying around your house, look through and get inspiration. You can do anything you want with this project, you can even do an original piece on your own without any research!

2. Now get your paper plate and flip it over, using the back side. Sketch, lightly, the design on the back of a paper plate with a pencil.

3. Get your magazine and start cutting out magazine pages printed with shades of the colors you'd like to use. Cut strips of the pages into small squares about 3/8 inch. You do not have to make all the shapes the same size or perfect. Having the shapes a little different will make it seem more interesting. You can even cut out triangles when needed.

If you do not want your kids using scissors, your kids can easily tear pieces of the magazine instead.

4. Now you have to make the glue. Simply mix together some glue and water together equally. Meaning if you want to use 1/2 cup of glue then you add in 1/2 cup of water with the glue. So 1 cup glue – 1 cup water.

5. before adding glue, just make sure you have all your pieces cut and your design is ready and you know pretty much where to put your pieces.

6. Now you can get your glue mixture and with your brush, simply apply it all over the back of the plate.

7. Quickly and calmly add the pieces of magazine on the plate to make design.

8. Once the squares are in place, seal them with a top coat of the glue mixture.

9. When you are finished, let the project dry completely.

10. Hang your mosaic on the wall for friends and family to see!