How to Make a Magnetic Tape Wallet

Like to own a magnetic tape wallet? You may find the wallets that are available in the market are quite expensive. Did you not find the appropriate wallet that has the capability to satisfy your requirements? Simply think about making one. If you are aware of how to make a magnetic tape wallet you can feel it to be an easy task.

For making a magnetic tape wallet you need some materials that could be found in your household. There would be no necessity to buy a material from a store. The things you may require include a tape in which you are willing to part with its magnetic tape guts, wire cutters, screw driver and a rubber band.

As all the materials are ready now you would be able to start the making process. The initial step would be to extract the screws of the magnetic tape and open and remove it completely. The spools or any steel parts of the tape can be removed. By making a thorough search if you come across any projections or protruding parts those can be removed with the help of the wire cutters. Such projections in the tape may cause any type of damage to your money while standing in it.

After all of the magnetic tape is opened by fastening together all the edges of the tape you can close it. You can place the tape on a table or flat surface with its wider length side resting on the surface. With the utilization of the wire cutter you may make a hole along the lengthwise side of the two halves of the tape. The hole should not be large it just should have the space required for the rubber band. You would be able to make a hinge by appropriately positioning the two pieces of tape with hole on either side. The rubber band is to be passed through the hole with half part of it sticking out.

Now comes the working part. You may deposit your money into the inner half side of the rubber band and close the two halves of the tape and you may close the wallet by simply pulling the outer half of the rubber band. Are you creative? Just make avail of your imagination and creativity and you will find what all beneficial wonders you can make with the magnetic wallet like a card holder, ID container, notes keeper, and many more. During the process of making magnetic tape wallet you can add wallpaper or a black or opaque tape could be used so that the contents inside your wallet would not be viewed by others.