How To Make A Perfect Yellow Soup With Cous Cous With A Pressure Cooker

Soups are often an integral part of a person's meals. In much the same way, the yellow soup with cous cous can be one of the best soup preparations which can be added to the meal because of the simplicity of its preparation.

Start by peeling off the zucchini and then cutting it into rather small pieces for your soup.

Next, you need to pour the broth into the pressure cooker along with the zucchini and add a portion of spinach and tarragon to it. Pressurize this mixture by closing the lid tightly on the pot and cooking it until the starting starts after which you need to immediately turn down the heat and continue cooking for a matter of about three to four minutes. Allow the steam to get away after this and open the lid of the cooker.

You will need a mixer to process all the vegetables and put them in the pressure cooker along with the cous cous. Then cook this for another three minutes following the ring of the valve just like you did before.

Once this part is done, you need to again let the steam escape and then open the lid in order to rectify the salt in the soup and season the soup. If you want your soup to be spicy then you can add the harissa to the soup as well.

It is advisable to make the use of frozen spinach divided into blocks for this soup since this aids the distribution in the soup. With the above quantities, the soup prepared is thick and in order to make it thinner, all you need to do is add a few ladles of boiling broth into it.


  • About 300 grams of formerly cooked cous cous.
  • 600 odd grams of zucchini.
  • If you are making the soup spicy then about a tablespoon of harissa. (a Tunisian condiment with green chilli, garlic, cumin seeds and olive oil)
  • A table spoon of tarragon.
  • Salt and pepper
  • 50 grams of butter which you need butter the soup before rectifying the salting.
  • 150 grams of frozen spinach and
  • About 500ml of broth. (vegetable broth)