How to Make a Podium – Things to Consider in Building a Podium

I’ve never taken notice of podium until the day I was asked to make one. Furniture is more like my thing and it never occurred to me that I’d be building a podium as well. Making a podium is not that hard although there are some basic consideration you have to keep in mind.

Some of the things you have to keep in mind are:


You can choose a hard wood or a soft wood in making a podium. It’s not much of a must to be using sturdy wood in podium than it is with furniture. However, I’ve always liked using a hardwood for my woodworking projects so I’ve used an oak wood.

If you like your podium to be easily portable, it is even imperative to use lighter materials. And wheels with industry strength would make the podium even more portable. If you opt to have a wooden base, make sure you use sturdier materials to ensure a strong sense of balance for the user.


The good thing with podium is that you can just make a basic structure and add some embellishments later on. However, you may need to build some extra features to the podium for a more customized use.

Some features I’ve personally built in the podium I’ve made are:

* Panels to allow more space for the speaker’s resources.

* Holes for cables and microphone stands.

* Cabinets to allow some space for the sound system.


One thing you have to deal with in building a podium are dimensions. You may want to take into consideration the average height of the possible user of the podium. This goes into planning the height of the podium. As for the other dimensions, I found it easier to follow a ready-made plan than go through the trouble of making one myself.