How to Make a Solar Panel Without Breaking the Bank

You can build a solar panel system yourself even if you aren’t technically gifted and not so great with do-it-yourself projects. Even a novice can build a panel without problems. A homemade panel is easy to build and can be done for less than $200 if made from parts that you can find easily find on e-bay or your local hardware store.

The key component is Solar cells which are almost always made from silicon. This is the same material used to make computer chips. Silicon is one of the world’s most common elements; a solar cell is built in layers, with two layers of silicon separated by a thin layer of insulating material. All three layers work together and convert sunlight into electricity. It is not necessary to purchase class (A) cells, class (B) cells will work just as well.

You will need solar cells, wood plate,   soldering   iron ,  solder , flux, and tabbing to make a panel. Special tools are not required so, if you have any tools at all you are probably ready to go. Here are the materials that are recommended for a simple system:

Caulk silicone material
Jones Plug
Solar Cells


This solar panel unit will quickly pay for itself when it saves you money on your electricity costs, so it’s a very worthwhile project. Good luck, while there are do-it-yourself kits that are plug_and_play, stay away from them because they require tampering with your wiring system. Not exactly a job for a novice.