How To Make A Wind Chime – Materials and Procedures

As many people there is nothing quite as beautiful as the sound coming from a wind chime blowing in the breeze. Hopefully the information below will help to know how to make a wind chime for yourself.

Firstly you need to get together all the necessary tools and items that you want to make a wind chime with. Below is a list of the tools that you will need.

1. Hacksaw

2. Nail or Hole Punch

3. Plumber’s pipe cutter

4. Electrical Wire (3/4″)

5. Heavy Duty String

6. Nylon Thread

7. Metal Pipe or Bamboo

8. Colourful Plastic Lid (often found on say a coffee tin).

Next why not go in search of some items that you can attach to the wind chime to make the lovely sound when they touch. Why not visit a beach and collect some sea shells or go to your local arts and craft store they probably have plenty of items that can be used such as beads, bells, stones etc.

Now we will go through the stages of assembling the items to make your wind chime.

1. Cut the pieces of metal pipe, bamboo or wood to various lengths.

2. Now where the items (seashells, stones etc.,) are small and thin enough poke a hole through them with a nail or hole punch.

3. Now thread a piece of either the string, thread or wire through each hole of the objects above and tie a knot in it.

4. However if some of the objects being used (such as stones then wrap the string around them several times) and then apply non toxic glue over the top to keep it in place. However, you may if you wish use a drill to make a hole in the object instead.

5. Next you need to punch some holes in to the colour plastic lid which will serve as the top of the wind chime and which will hold the finished item together, do not forget the two in the middle of the lid for the piece of string, wire or thread which will be used to hang the finished wind chime up.

6. After poking the holes in to the plastic lid thread through the string, wire or thread that you are using and tie a not in the end to avoid it coming out as well as threading through the piece that will be used to hang the wind chime up in the location you have decided upon.

7. You can now begin to thread the objects that you have already prepared on to the wire and once this has all been completed you can then hang it up where you have decided to place it.

All you need to now is sit back and relax and start enjoying the sound of the wind chime as the breeze blows it gently.