How to Make a Woman Ejaculate Like a Garden Sprinkler System in 2 Minutes Flat!

Having the ability to make a woman ejaculate hard is a very rare skill. Sure, most guys will see it happen now and then, but the vast majority will never be able to make it happen at will! Thankfully it is a skill that can be learnt and within this article I am going to put you on the correct path to having her ejaculate like I sprinkler system while screaming your name in pure bliss! Sound good?

The fact is that most men are pretty much clueless when it comes to pleasuring a woman. They aren’t to blame though. After all it’s not like us men have ever been officially educated in pleasing a woman in the bedroom is it?

So, the aim here is to learn certain sex techniques that are so powerful that when used, will have a woman orgasm so hard that she actually ejaculates right? Well, the good news is that it’s not actually that hard to learn. Carry on reading to discover the awesome techniques to make a woman ejaculate.

Hit The Right Spot! Making a woman ejaculate can be as easy as pressing a button. You just have to know the correct button to press. That button is……..the G-spot! It’s all about stimulating the G-spot! You will need to do this using your fingers. Start by sliding your index finger in about 1 1/2 inches. Now feel for a ridged area about the size of a stamp on the front inner wall. You may need to curl your finger slightly. Now apply light pulsating pressure to that area and watch her face for the result! The pulsating pressure is key to making her cum within 2 minutes!

It is important to kiss her passionately while you stimulate her G-spot. This will help raise her levels of sexual arousal. Maybe you could even throw a little dirty talk her way to really get going. Soon enough you will have her squirting like that garden sprinkler system I mentioned! Would you like to hear more secrets and little-known tips and tactics like this one?