How to Make a Woman Miss You – 3 Simple Seduction Techniques Which Work Every Single Time

There are men who can simply attract women wherever they go. This tendency has a lot to do with the vibe that they give out, which in turn has been created by several masculinity factors that only the best seduction experts can teach.

Luckily, there are several ways to increase your sex appeal… and make a woman miss you whenever you are not around. If you develop your skills in attracting women using these three simple (but deadly effective) seduction strategies, you will turn into a babe magnet in no time. Read on…

How To Make A Woman Miss You – 3 Simple Seduction Techniques Which Work Every Single Time

Strategy #1. Absolute Confidence

There are men who fake confidence, and they’re usually the ones who get “pride-broken” when they get rejected. Women instinctively know who these guys are, and most of the time, they feel the neediness simmering under the facade of feigned self assurance.

Real confidence makes a guy more manly. It will give you the guts to tell a girl that you’re not interested if you really aren’t. It will also make you seem more godly than other men in the room. And, needless to say, it will make you more attractive to women.

Strategy #2: No Drama

Men who seem strong emotionally always seem to attract women. This is because women are more attracted to men who can serve as protectors and emotional pillars. Never react even when a girl is goading you to show a reaction. If you have to show emotion, it must be kind indulgence or humor. Reacting wildly to a provocation will only make you seem weak.

Strategy #3: Magnetic Presence

Your overall personality can be complemented by your conversation skills. If you can find a way to be magnetic just by applying the basics of hypnosis while you’re in conversation, you can easily turn any girl into your girlfriend.

There’s a method that’s perfect for attracting women and making them feel emotionally invested on you. This method is called Fractionation and it can be done in 15 minutes or less.

Fractionation works like this: you bring her through an emotional roller coaster in a conversation by making her feel both happiness and sadness in quick successions. As a result, she will subconsciously feel that she has been with you far longer (this is known as “time distortion” in hypnosis). When she feels emotionally invested in you, then she will not be able to help it but to like you… and to miss you when you are not around.

The Fractionation seduction formula is effective, but at the same time controversial because it gives unfair advantage to men who knows the formula over those who do not. It also has the ability to turn women into downright stalkers – so use it responsibly if you must.