How to Make and Consecrate a Herald's Wand

A Herald's Wand is a ritual tool that aides in the return of ancestral memory. It is useful for cauldron working techniques and will help interpret the communication you receive from the inner Cauldron of Memory. It can also be used for various mental journeys into the inner planes and especially while working with Hermes and the Thryai, or bee-maidens.

To construct a Herald's Wand you will need:

  • A dowel-The dowel may be wood or metal, but you will find the wood dowel easier and lighter to wield than a metal one. While dowels are usually made of pine, creating a dowel yourself from one of the Druid Protectors-Birch, Hawthorne or Elder will make an even more powerful Herald's Wand. If you choose metal, use copper. A good length is 12 inches.
  • White paint
  • Two Ribbons-one black, one red
  • Glue-A type that works well with ribbon, paint and whatever material you have chosen for the wand.
  • A black permanent marker. Make sure it is compatible with the white paint.

Paint the white white and allow it to dry thoroughly. Once it dries, draw symbols that correspond to the Planet Mercury, so that you are connected to the celestial nature of Hermes (Mercury) when you work with the wand. After the paint and marker are dry, add the ribbons to the top of the wand, one on each side. Attach them only at one end so that they flow freely down the sides of the wand. Once the wand is completed- consecrated it. If you have a safe crossroads in which to stand travel to it, or create a crossroads from candles.

Hold the wand up high and state: By the powers of the four elements and by the forces of the crossroads, I consecrate this as a tool of the god Hermes. I call to this wand to unravel the mysteries and reveal what is hidden.

Move the wand slowly clockwise. At each direction state the following:

I call to Air, bestow this wand with the ability to discern

I call to Fire, bestow this wand with the ability to transform

I call to Water to bestow this wand with the ability to unforgettable that which is hidden.

I call to Earth to bestow this wand with the ability to reveal true foundations.

Now move the wand slowly counter-clockwise and say the following:

In the name of the great Hermes and by the power of the four elements, this wand is now consecuted and will disperse all falsehood, trickery and deception whenever it is called upon to do so.

Keep the wand put away or wrapped in a silk cloth when not in use.

Each time you work with it use the following invocation:

Lord Hermes, I invoke thee: come to me. Protect me from all deceits and enchantments of every kind. Aid me in my success and guide me to victory on my quests.