How to Make Dry Wall Construction With Gypsum Boards

Dry wall construction is a system of erecting materials without using the conventional method of wet works like mortar and bricks to form partitions diving different rooms or spaces. This kind of works involve assembling gypsum boards onto aluminum frames or structures to make the wall. This are light weight and easy to erect on floors. They are used to set up offices, divide lounges and dinning rooms in hotel and also for a domestic house internal walls.

The system of dry wall construction with gypsum boards involves first marking out the area to be partitioned. Have the aluminum structure prefabricated and its only a matter of erecting on site. Screw the ends of the structure to the abutting external walls. Drill and screw the bottom framework into the floor slab and repeat the same for the top frame onto the ceiling.Assemble the transoms and mullions to make it firm. Mark out the door and fix the frame.

For the dry wall to be complete use gypsum board screw it using the screws provided a few millimeters into the board so as to ensure a smooth finish once painted. Screw all the boards on both side of the aluminum frame work to get a wall of the intended thickness.Once the boards are fixed, pick the joint strip provided and paste it with gypsum adhesive to cover the joint between the boards and smoothen the ends such that it appears as one big board.

To paint the dry wall of gypsum boards, start with under coat and then apply filla and rubbed down. Fix the door on the frame, after which do two to three coats of paint on the boards to give a good finish. Paint the door with gloss paint or varnish if its timbre. After the decorative works are finished the floor is now divided into different rooms. When erecting this walls take proper measurements of the heights and lengths to get the correct fitting wall.