How to Make Girls Putty in Your Hands

What are the 25 Do’s and Dont’s of What Women Really Want?

In this article I will tell you what most of your ladies are dying for you to do, but more often that not are too shy to tell you.

Also, don’t be fooled that your wife or girlfriend is not one for romance, she might say it but definitely doesn’t mean it. We are just built for that kind of mushy stuff. (We might just think that we are not worthy of, or will ever get it)

So here goes – are you paying attention?

1. Always hold her hand when walking in public

2. Always pull her chair out or open the door for her

3. Always side with her instead of your friends ( you can always tell her otherwise when they have left)

4. Show your family and friends how much you love and respect her

5. Comfort her when she cries (even if you do not understand it)

6. Be there for her when she needs you

7. Do things with her that you do not necessarily like, but know is important to her

8. Cradle her face with your hands when kissing her passionately

9. Don’t lie and cheat – rather tell her as it is, at least you can be respectful

10. Tell her she is beautiful – not always just sexy

11. Share your secrets with her

12. Hold and hug her often, and don’t let go first

13. Don’t ever fight with her in front of others

14. Pull her closer by her waist

15. When you are both minding your own business – grab her unexpectedly

16. Take some interest in how her day was

17. Ask her advice

18. Write her a heartfelt note, instead of just buying something

19. Tell her how important she is to you

20. Invite her to join you or take part in your activities

21. Be kind and understanding, most of the times we just need a patient ear

22. Sometimes be playful with love making

23. Always let her climax first, and don’t give up until she does

24. Don’t get irritated by her constant opinions, it is how she is made

25. Look deep into her eyes when saying something meaningful

That is it for now, should take you quite some time to perfect the above (giving you are a novice).