How to Make Him Happy Which Will Ensure That He Will Never Leave You! These Tips Will Help

Perhaps the ominous feeling that your guy may lose interest in the relationship is nagging you. Though nothing has happened yet to perturb you, it’s worth trying these simple yet powerful ways to keep him happy and never leave you.

Keep your relationship happy

It is very important to keep your relationship ever happy and fun loving so that you both feel happy being with each other and without outside distraction to cause fear. If you can manage to keep this alive then you have nothing to fear.

Do not force him to commit

Most girls make the enormous mistake of forcing their guys to commit. Guys inwardly fear the proposition of making a commitment too fast and too quickly in their lives. They need their time to consider various aspects before they willingly commit.

You need to be his pillar of strength

Though guys do not like to admit it openly but they really need a strong woman by their side to be their pillar of strength. You should be confident and self assured about handling most things for yourself and also for him. He would prefer not to be bothered by your responsibilities.

Do not encroach on his time

Men need to have their own time and space to spend as they like. It could be a game/sport or other activity like catching up with their reading for which they prefer to be alone. Most women do not realize this and wonder how he likes being alone.

Show him appreciation and admiration

Probably he may undertake to do a small insignificant job for you but in turn he would expect tons of admiration and appreciation for doing something that was so difficult for you to handle and you needed him to do it. Men love being given importance.

Increasing his self esteem

When you praise him and compliment him for his achievements and the way he handles things for you or at work then his self esteem increases. He leans heavily on you for the praise and compliments to build his own self esteem.

Show him loyalty and devotion

When a man sees that he has by his side a woman of substance who is sought by most men, he will feel a sense of pride as though owning a prize possession. You will further enhance his pride when you show him how loyal and devoted you are to him in spite of so many men pursuing you. He will always be happy and never think of leaving you.