How to Make Mini Cake Towel Slices

Towel cake slices are an easy DIY favor for weddings and bridal showers. They are a unique way to add flare to your event. They can be made in any color you like to match your wedding theme which allows them to stand out when placed next to a plate in a seated dinner, or stacked on a gift table.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Small towel
  • Safety pins
  • Ribbon
  • Gift boxes or bags
  • Toppers and fillers (candles, soap, candy, etc.)
  • Optional:
  • Hot glue
  • Fabric glue

Step 1

Create a template. With a ruler and pencil, draw onto the cardboard a triangle with a 6 inch base and two 3 ½ inch sides that will form the top of the cake slice. At both sides and the base, draw two-inch thick rectangles that will fold down to serve as the sides of the slice.

Step 2

Place the templates together to form the top and bottom, and then tape all the sides together, except one.

Step 3

Pour your choice of filler into the cardboard slice. Once you have filled the slice, tape the final side together.

Step 4

Place the towel in front of you, and place the top of the cardboard slice on the towel. Make sure the tip of the slice meets the centre of one of the edges on the towel.

Step 5

Fold each side of the towel up and over to the bottom side, starting with the two towel sides that meet the slice tip. If there is excess, fold back to the center, and pin it in place. Pin the towel as flat as possible.

Step 6

Turn the slice over and wrap the ribbon from the back of the slice around until it meets again. Pin, glue or tape the ribbon together. If using fabric or hot glue to attach the ribbon, glue only the ribbon ends and not the towel.

Step 7

Place your finished cake slice in a clear or open-top box, or a gift bag. Add your toppers by placing them on top or around your cake slice. Stack your slices on top of each other on a small table so your guests can grab one on their way in or out. This will add beauty to your event, especially if the cake slices are in your party’s theme colors.

Resources: eHow: Cake Slice.