How To Make Toaster Tongs-Craft Project For All

How many times have you had your toast or waffle stuck in your electric toaster and you, without thinking, started to use a metal knife to dig the toast out of the toaster? Of course, this could be extremely detrimental to your health!

Toaster tongs are the perfect answer to this problem. This is a really inexpensive craft project that you can sell or have groups of children in craft classes make. You can leave plain or decorate with decals or paint or even Sharpies (which are waterproof).

For one toaster tong, you will need the following:

2-Tong depressors (you can purchase at any drug store)

1- 3/4 inch diameter dowel, cut in one inch long piece

Elmer’s Glue

2- tiny tack nails

1. Sand the dowel piece on each side after cutting to make sure it is smooth.

2. Using the Elmer’s Glue, place a drop of glue on one end of the dowel and apply one

tong depressor to the glued side.

3. Hold down for a minute and nail the tiny tack nail in while glue is still wet.

4. Repeat with the second dowel on the other side.

5. Let dry about an hour before decorating.

This is a great gift to give to anyone. You can personalize or decorate any way you like with dot flowers or lady bugs or just about any design you can think of. And the recipient of this little gift will thank you for thinking of their safety!

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