How to Make Your Home Safe for a Kitten

Bringing home a new kitten is very exciting. They are very curious and love to play. Cats can easily hurt themselves, though, with many common household items. Preventing your new kitten from getting sick or injured requires planning. Follow these tips to keep your feline friend safe in your home.

1. Keep window screens secure in order to prevent your cat from falling.

2. Place small objects out of your kitten’s reach in order to prevent them from accidentally swallowing


3. Store cleaning products in cabinets with childproof latches.

4. Replace potentially toxic plants with non-toxic or artificial ones. Consult your veterinarian or the ASPCA National Animal Poison Control Center for a list of plants to avoid. Some common, potentially harmful plants are aloe vera, chives, ivy, and mistletoe.

5. Some common household items can be toxic to cats if eaten. Keep moth balls, coins, dryer sheets, and potpourri away from your pets.

6. Do not leave hot stoves unattended. Cats may jump up and burn themselves.

7. Give your kitten cat safe toys only.

8. Do not let your cat play with string unsupervised. This can easily be swallowed and cause serious health problems.

9. Always keep your drier closed and be sure to check inside before turning it on. Cats love to sleep in warm places!

10. Never leave people foods out for your cat to get into. Foods such as raisins, grapes, tea, uncooked meat, etc. may be dangerous.

11. Buy cord runners to cover electrical cords. Cats may electrocute themselves if they chew on them.

12. Medications may be toxic to your cat if ingested. Keep them out of reach.

It is important to think like a parent – kittens are a lot like small children and can hurt themselves easily. Following the tips above will help keep your new cat safe and happy.