How to Make Your Own Biltong at Home

Biltong is a traditional South African recipe which was adapted by many countries due to its nutrients and taste. Although many think it's similar to the Australian beef jerky, the truth is they're different especially in the manner of preparation and taste.

Although there are many people who buy biltong in supermarkets or online, there are still those who prefer to make their own biltong at home so that they can customize it according to their preferred taste. They also love to experiment with different ingredients and add spices into their own recipe.

It's very easy to make biltong so if you're one of those who consider making your own, here are the steps to bear in mind:

1. Prepare
The first thing to do is prepare. Buy the beef and other ingredients you need. Fresh beef is available in many supermarkets. If possible, go for the silverside which is meatier and more flavorful. After which, cut the beef with the grain to approximately half an inch thick and six inches long.

2. Marinade
The key to making delicious biltong is in the ingredients. For traditional South African biltong, you may only use apple cider vinegar, rock salt, and coarsely ground coriander and black pepper. First, get a strip of beef and sprinkle it with rock salt on both sides then set aside for an hour. Remember that the longer you marinade the beef, the saltier it becomes.

3. Flavor
Remove the excess salt from the beef. Place your vinegar in a bowl. Hold the beef up with one hand and using a brush, apply vinegar. Allow the excess vinegar to drip off to prevent your biltong from being too sour. Then brush both side with pepper and coriander.

4. Dry
There are two easy ways on how to dry biltong. First, you may look for a cool dry place where you can hang it up and let a fan blow on it until it completely dries. This is very tricky because if there's too much humidity in the air it can spoil the beef. Another method is by making your own biltong box made of cardboard or wood for drying. The box must be completely sealed with holes on the sides to allow air to circulate freely. Put a 60-watt light bulb at the bottom of the box. The heat emitting from the bulb will dry the beef in four days.

5. Serve
Once your biltong is discharged you may now eat it. Many love to take biltong on camping trips since they'll last for days. You may eat it raw or add it to your other recipes like pasta and muffins.
It's so easy to make your own biltong at home. Although you can buy biltong almost anywhere it is more rewarding to make it yourself.