How to Make your Own PVC Railings

If you are bored with the painting efforts that your wooden railings take for looking good, and if it stops you from a fishing trip, or a golf trip with your friend on a Sunday morning, you should seriously think about fitting a new PVC railing system .

Making a PVC railing system is a quick DIY work and your family members can be involved in making a PVC railing system. It can be a good Sunday work for the whole family and you will remember fitting PVC railing for a long time to come.

Advantage PVC Railings

Having the PVC railing is advantageous in many ways. First and foremost, you do not have to spend your golf timing or fishing expedition timing on mundane things like painting the wooden railings and cleaning the spots left by the paintbrushes. You have better things to do apart from cleaning the painting spots.

PVC railings will also last much longer than wooden railings and this means that you have more time with family members. A good-looking system that stays good-looking for a long time is the PVC railing systems.

Material of PVC Railing

PVC railings are made from Polyvinyl Chloride, (a synthetic material made from petroleum product) is the material used in all PVC railing systems. This material can be extruded in form of circular pipes, square boxes. It can also be made into base posts by hot stamping or die extrusion. A versatile material, it has replaced wood in every sphere of construction activity because of its looks and durability.

The wooden material is slowly becoming costly as its availability is reduced, as forests get denuded. On the other hand, the PVC and CPVC material is getting cheaper as new methods of making PVC products are being invented and this reduces the cost of production of PVC material.

The PVC has disadvantage of getting affected by exposure to sun. The Sun's UV rays damage the PVC material and it starts flaking and cracking. To prevent this, Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride is to be used for places where the suns rays fall directly on the railings.

DIY PVC Railings

You can easily make PVC railings without outside help all you need is some planning and minor tools available from your DIY workshop. A hacksaw, a set of screwdrivers and some skill in application of glue is all that is required in making a good-looking railing system of railings.

Procedure For PVC Railings

The bottom posts are screwed to the wooden or concrete floors carefully. Any mistake in doing this will change the final look of railings and repeat work may become necessary if this work is not done properly.

The top rail and the middle rails are cut as per the spacing of the bottom posts. The railing may now be assembled on a level ground. The vertical posts, the top rail, and the middle rail can be completely assembled on the ground before any attempt is made to put the assembly on the bottom posts. A final trial may be made on the bottom posts before the bottom posts and the verticals are glued together.

Thus, you can easily make the PVC railing yourself. You can also get help from market in form of pre cut railing systems.