How to Make Your Own Snoopy Costume For Halloween

Need a Snoopy Costume? Who wouldn’t love dressing up like a cute, adorable dog for Halloween? First of all, women love dogs. Secondly, if you can’t think of a dog costume all on your own, there are plenty of awesome, super-star dogs already out there to be inspired by. In fact, I will give you an example. How about Snoopy?

Everyone knows about Snoopy. He’s that great, lovable, non-speaking dog from the Charlie Brown cartoons that we’ve all come to love. And you’re in luck because it’s actually pretty easy to make a costume of Snoopy. So let’s get started.

First of all, you will need two white sheets. Don’t try to short cut it with pillow cases either. These sheets need to be at least twin size. line the two sheets up with one right next to the other. You should do this on the floor so that you can easily spread them out full length and flatten out all of the wrinkles. Also, be sure to situate them so that you can easily fold one over the other.

Next, take your hot-glue gun and make a hot-glue oval on the top one third of the sheet. Then, quickly fold it over onto the other sheet and press it down so that the glue bonds the two sheets together. This is going to be Snoopy’s face. Cut this part out and lay it to the side.

Next, make two boxing-glove sized circles with the rest of the sheet. Use the hot-glue to outline them the same way that you outlined Snoopy’s face. Fold the sheet over each circle and press down. These will be Snoopy’s paws – an intricate part of any Snoopy Halloween costume. Remember to make them larger enough so that you can put your hands in them. Cut them out and set to the side. I find that the girls love the paws even more if they are more on the large side.

Next, take your two cut circles and your large oval head and cut smaller half circle into the sides of each. The circle should cut into the hot-glue portion. These holes will be where you put the stuffing through to fluff up the pieces. They will also be where you put your hands through. Keep in mind that you will be wearing Snoopy’s head like a hat, so don’t make that hole so big that your head falls through it.

Lastly, stuff the three pieces. You may use anything you have available, but the best stuffing is any material that is fluffy and soft. Take a Sharpie marker and mark in the nose, eyes, spots, and claws. Be sure to put a big smiley face on Snoopy too. On Snoopy’s face, cut two slits near the hole for you head and find ribbon, string, or shoe laces to tie it down to your head.

Now you are ready to rock the town in your awesome Snoopy costume! So go grab Linus, Charlie Brown, Woodstock and the rest of the Peanuts gang and let’s all go find the Great Pumpkin together. Happy Halloween everybody.