How to Make Your Penis Grow- 5 Common Ways to Make Your Penis Grow

This article will describe the 5 most popular ways to make your penis bigger.

1st way to make your penis bigger Penis Pumps

This method have been around for many years. Penis pump pumps more blood into the penis to get a harder erection. Even so, the final results are not lasting. There have been many instances where the penis pump was not used properly and causes damage to the tissue of the penis. Penis pumps does not increase the length or width of the penis permanently.

2nd way to make your penis biggerUsing Weights

For many years men have used this method to increase the length of their penis. This is one of the most dangerous method to date. Hanging the weight on your penis can increase the length of the penis and the downside to it is, you will end up with a longer and slimmer penis. Furthermore, there are many reports of stretch tissue of the penis that are damaged.

3rd way to make penis your biggerPenis Enlargement Surgery

Many men think that this is their last resort to have a larger penis. As with any surgery there are benefits and also risks. To increase the girth of the penis, body fats are used and injected into the penis. However, the downside to this surgery method is, over time the fat might get misplaced and you’ll end up with a penis looking ugly and uncomfortable. This may be even more embarrassing then having a smaller gear, but looking normal. Also with time many men need to go through surgery again as the fat gets dissolved. This operation can be very expensive and there is a great risk of getting an infection. The scars are often hidden but sometimes it can still be visible.

4th way to make your penis bigger Penis Exercises

This method have been used for many generations. Many men from different cultures have been practicing this method to achieve their goal of having the penis they want. If done correctly you can have a longer penis. Some men have increased their penis size by as much as 1-2 inches. In addition to that, the exercises are good for the restoration of blood flow in the penis if done correctly. The downside of this method is, to get the desired results the exercises should be done daily during the course of many months. The exercises require about 10 minutes a day.

5th way to make your penis biggerPenis Enlargement

Most penis enlargement pills sold on the Internet today are simply sugar pills and they do not really enlarge the penis. Many companies just jump into this lucrative market without doing proper research and are basically selling vitamins to you.