How to Makeover Your Boat on a Budget – A Look at Custom Cushion Covers and Other Tips

Changing a boat’s interior and exterior appeal can take time, effort, and resources; however, by including cushion covers and slipcovers in one’s revitalization effort, individuals can make this undertaking quick, easy, and economical. An individual’s creative side can be explored with a variety of fabrics and colors. Why buy new furniture or hire expensive interior designers when the task can exhibit one’s own personality and save money at the same time? More importantly, perhaps the extra savings could be used to entertain family and friends in the unique environment that has been designed.

Ideal Alternatives For Corrosive Environments

Let’s face the inevitable: boat cabin interiors suffer from the same corrosive elements as deck furniture does. It must endure bone-chilling cold, water damage, salt deposits, and mold and mildew incursions. Aside from natural elements, interiors are also subject to heavy usage by the people who enjoy it. This type of environment demands durable fabrics that can withstand even the toughest of circumstances. Cushion covers are a perfect alternative to buying new furniture or having furniture without any cushions at all. One of the best fabrics for maritime environments is marine grade faux leather vinyl. It is durable, water repellent, and cleans easily with glass cleaner. Not only is it ideal for cabins, but it can also add a unique ambience that is all your own. Leather-look fabric comes in a variety of colors that range from biscuit to brown to forest green, all of which will surely complement the harsh yet beautiful ocean and lake environments.

The advantages to having custom cushion covers do not end with physical and aesthetic appeal. These alternatives are also made to fit your existing cushions. Available in wedge, t-cushion, rectangle, square, trapezoid, and diamond shapes; cushion covers allow one to redecorate without having to purchase anything else. They come with concealed zippers and are professionally sewn by experienced staff members who work with the dimensions you provide to ensure a perfect fit for each cushion. All of this adds up to a beautiful cabin interior that you have chosen without the associated costs of redecorating. It just doesn’t get better than that.

Slipcovers For Nautical Tastes

Nautical environments used to be designed with white and blue stripes, anchors, and heavy rope motifs. This is no longer the case. Individuals are free to choose alternative patterns that still fit into their social settings yet allow them to express themselves. When redecorating a boat, slipcovers are an inexpensive technique for people to stay current yet create a style that is unique to their personality. Slipcovers are made to the measurements provided, much the same as the cushion covers are, yet have a versatility that is their own.

For marine deck environments, there are two basic requirements in slipcovers; they must be durable due to the corrosive element they reside in, and they must be water resistant. All other prerogatives are left up to an individual’s taste. Faux leather vinyl offers an inexpensive authentic leather look; however, all-weather fabric offers another dimension for adding color to the deck of a boat. It is constructed from extremely durable material, which makes it great for high traffic areas. The water-repellant duck fabric enables it to be cleaned in a washing machine. Added to these benefits is the wide array of pattern choices. Perhaps your tastes run in a more tropical vein. There are varieties that bring the warmth and elegance of Hawaiian style to any environment. The pattern consists of a rich dark chocolate background with a variety of tropical leaves infused with spring buds of teal, turquoise, fern green, lime green, and lemon chiffon. Perhaps you are more interested in a lighter hue. There are patterns displaying a multitude of wild orchids in shades of pink, yellow, and mauve.

Creating A Unique Marine Experience

Refurbishing one’s boat does not need to be exasperating or expensive. All one needs to do is find their unique style, choose their colors and patterns, and provide the measurements to a quality provider for the slipcovers and cushion covers. The manufacturer does the rest. By including custom cushion covers and slipcovers along with new carpet, draperies, and boating decals, boating enthusiasts can express their personalities without the hassle and expense of a large boat renovation. Creating a unique marine experience with cushion covers and slipcovers is an ideal alternative to buying expensive new furniture. They are made of durable, water-repellent materials that will give the proud owner years of enjoyment and beauty.