How to Market Your Apartments For Sale Or Rent

Selling an apartment or flat in a condominium is a little different than selling a house. Apartment comes handy when you are looking for a small residence in some highly populated area but the problem arises when you have to sell it. Many people prefer to stay as tenants instead of purchasing an apartment. One thing that you must consider when buying an apartment is its resale value. For instance, an apartment at uppermost storey might sound OK to you but families with young children or some old members will just reject the deal, because it’s not possible for the children or senior fellows to go up or downstairs in case the lift is out of order. Therefore, you should look at the apartment from a general point of view before purchasing it, so that it won’t be a problem when you decide to sell.

Emphasizing on strong features in ads:

Think of an appealing title that will immediately catch attention when giving ads in the classified section of a newspaper (or property portal). For example, instead of choosing titles like “two bedroom apartment for sale” or “studio apartment for rent”, use titles like “perfect apartment for a family, with schools and markets in close proximity” or “ideal apartment for young professionals”. You must think of some strong points for your property and then highlight these features in the title.

Choosing the right medium:

As stated above, you must think of the strong features and then target some specific type of customers according to those features. In addition to the catchy titles, choose your advertising medium according to your targeted customers. For example, if your apartment will be best suited for students than advertising the apartment in a college campus makes absolute sense. Similarly you can choose internet, social networking websites, magazines, newspaper, etc in accordance to your targeted customers.

If you can’t replace, at least repair:

Once you’ve put on the ad, you can expect some prospective buyer or tenant to visit the apartment. If the apartment is newly built and vacant for some time, a little clean up will do. However, if you or some of your tenants are currently residing in the place, it means you must go through the basic repairing and cleaning work. Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom, and make sure your apartment is odor-free. That familiar scent of cigarettes may not trouble you or your friends in general but it may put off some buyers at once, especially if they are looking to move in with family.