How to Measure Vertical Blinds Stack Height

People buy vertical blinds because they love the look and they are easy to open. Unlike other types of blinds where many people leave them closed, people get vertical blinds to open and close on a regular basis. This is especially true when the blinds cover a sliding glass door.

A Word on “Stacking”

This leads us to the “stacking” space required to open vertical blinds. When they are opened, they gather up on one side of the window or door. How much they gather up and “stack” will depend greatly on how large the window or door is. The bigger the door or window means you need more vanes to cover them. This in turns means a greater “stacking” space on the side of the window or door.

How to Measure Vertical Blinds

The biggest mistake a do it yourselfer will make is not considering the “stack” length before ordering a window treatment. Then the blinds arrive, are installed, and only then does the do it yourselfer realize part of the window or door is blocked by the blinds.

Therefore, when measuring vertical blinds, you need to consider the “stack” width. The size of the stack will vary depending on how large the window or door is being covered. Obviously, the larger the window the more vanes needed, causing more “stacking” on the end.

Measuring for 1 Side Stacking

In traditional one-way draw, all the vanes go to one side of the door or window. Since the draw is contained on one side, the stack will be larger than for the split draw.

Below is a short measuring chart to help you calculate the vanes needed for your vertical blinds. It will also tell you how much “stack” space is needed. For a complete chart, check out the knowledge section of Blind’s Chalet.

Chart for stacking for the standard one way draw.

Number of Vanes 5

Blind Width 16 1/8

Total Stacking Space 4 1/4

Number of Vanes 36

Blind Width 113

Total Stacking Space 17 7/8

Number of Vanes 67

Blind Width 209 7/8

Total Stacking Space 31 1/2

Measuring for Two Way Draw

Also known as a split draw, these blinds open to both sides. Therefore, both the left and right side will have stacking. Use the chart below for measuring blinds with a two way draw.

Number of Vanes, Blind Width, Total Stacking Space

6, 19 1/4, 3 3/8

8, 25 1/2, 3 7/8

10, 31 3/4, 4 14