How to Mount a Flat Screen TV On A Plaster Wall

As technology revolves, we gain the benefit of flat screen TVs, they’re amazing because they don’t take up as much space as they used to and we’d also get the chance to place them wherever we want. The old school ways would require a TV cabinet or a table of some sort to place it for viewing, but with flat screens you don’t only get to place it on cool revolving stands and things like that but you can even mount it onto your plaster wall. Amazing, isn’t it? Well, you’ve got to know how to do it right so that the set is secure and you don’t damage your wall, if you want to know how then don’t stop reading and you’ll know the easiest way to do it.

First you’d need to know exactly where you’d like to place your TV. Pick a roomy and comfortable part of your home, commonly the living room but if you’d like it elsewhere, it’s best to make sure that it’s somewhere that is free from work so that you can use movie time to unwind and relax. When you know which room you’d like to place the set, figure out where on the wall you’d want to mount it. Roughly estimate the size and then mark the place on the wall with a pencil, do it with nothing else but a pencil so that you can rub of the marks later on with an eraser. Make sure the place you pick to mount it is at a good angle so that everyone in the room can watch without straining their necks.

Next, head out to the hardware store and get yourself a mounting kit, put it aside and pull out your stud finder. You need to detect the stud so using an electronic stud finder, search for the stud carefully and mark the area with a pencil. Most stud finders will beep when it detects a stud while others have got an LED tip that will start flashing when it detects the stud.

Now it’s time to pull out your mounting kit, the thing with these kits is that they differ in terms of installation depending on the brand and type, but most of them have got general instructions. Whatever it is, there will always be a manual to help you set it all up. Before you get to work, check that all the parts and hardware is given with no missing pieces. You’ll be hanging up a very expensive TV set, so don’t compromise any lost pieces. The set would come with two mounting pieces, the first one needs to be secured into the wall so use a power drill and drill it into the stud, taking care not to damage the wall.

The next piece should be attached to the TV set with bolts and the given hardware, do it diligently because you wouldn’t want it coming apart later on. you should also purchase a wire guard to cover any exposed wires and cords that may trail out from the TV. This is to ensure that the wire doesn’t get snagged or pulled which could damage the TV. If you think it doesn’t look nice against your wall then you could always paint over it to camouflage it.

So mount your TV safely and enjoy watching movies with your family!