How to Mount a Weathervane and Create Curb Appeal

Weather vanes are becoming increasingly popular, not for checking the direction of the wind, but as an ornament. The Folk Art sculptures vary from depicting sports, birds, animals, and commercial activities, allowing home or business owners the ability to add an element of personal expression.

Designed for longevity and value they are made out of copper, brass, and steel to ensure a rust-free, maintenance free product.

When purchased, most weather vanes include the figure, a solid brass or stainless steel rod, a smaller brass rod that the figure swivels on, two copper spacer balls, and brass directionals. The garden or cottage weather vanes usually include a mounting devise, along with the above items. All other weather vanes require purchasing of mounting hardware, the exception is when the weather vane is placed on a cupola built weather vane ready. The overall size of the building is important when asking the supplier for suggestions on size and mounting method.

Weather vanes have assembly instructions and a mounting guide. All one needs is a screw driver, as the parts of a weathervane slide onto the rod and are secured with set screws.

These Folk Art sculptures have an expressive design, and in order to function, they need to be perfectly balanced on their rotating axis. The front of the weathervane always faces the direction the wind is blowing from.

The directional portion of the weathervane should not turn in the wind as they represent the compass points of the earth. If the directionals are turning, tighten the screws on each of the directionals.

When placed on an existing cupola which is not built weathervane ready, one must prepare the cupola by placing a brace at the base inside the cupola to anchor the weathervane.

When mounting the weathervane without a cupola, such as a roof mount, one will need to purchase the hardware. This will vary depending on what one will attach the weathervane to. They can be mounted outside on the roof top, on a stake in the yard, or placed on railing or deck. These Folk Art sculptures can also be mounted in your home or business on a floor display stand, or on a wall mount. They can also be placed over fireplace mantels, on window sills, decks or on a display base on the floor or hearth.

When placed outside the weathervane should be placed away from larger buildings or structures that could affect wind current. They should be placed on the highest point of a structure.

Mounting accessories include: stakes, metal bases, floor stands, display bases, and wall or roof mounts.

Weather vanes are distinctive, expressive notes to any building. Making great house warming, holiday or wedding gifts, a great gift to add a distinctive touch to any building with an element of personal expression.

Watch the wind blow and bring luck you way.