How to Overcome Fear of Driving Over Or on Bridges

The fear of bridges can prove frustrating and even dangerous if an anxiety attack takes over at the wrong time or while driving. There are a few things you can do to approach your fear and try to overcome it though it’s a better idea to test your resolve on less traveled bridges that pose minimal risk should something go wrong during the driving process.

Face Your Fear

This is probably the most difficult and the least expensive of your treatment options. Unfortunately, it’s also the least effective. Most phobias such as a fear of bridges are not based on reason or sound logic. What this means is that you can’t explain them away or talk yourself out of them.

Decide Not to be Afraid

No one makes a conscious decision to be afraid of driving over bridges. When it happens, the timing is almost never ideal and depending on how strong your reaction to the situation may be it can actually be quite a harrowing experience for those in the vehicle with you and those in other vehicles traveling on the bridge at the same time. This doesn’t mean though, that you can’t decide not to be afraid of them. Mind over matter is an amazing instrument and can be very effective once you learn to harness that power.

Arm Yourself With Facts

On rare occasions, facing facts can help you address and learn to live with your fear of bridges. The instances of cars going off bridges each year are quite low when compared to the number of bridges. Get the facts and read them. Commit them to memory and make sure that you know without a doubt that the odds are not in favor of the bridge causing any sort of problem at all.

Walk Before You Drive

If it is at all possible to walk along the bridge that you want to test first, then do so before you drive across the bridge. There is nothing like being able to put your feet to the pavement to really understand just how sturdy and strong a bridge really is. There have been recent news stories of bridges buckling beneath the weight of pounding waves or for other reasons. It is important to realize that these were extraordinary forces of nature and not any given day.

Hypnosis to Erase Fear of Bridges

Self hypnosis can prove to be a highly effective tool for helping you overcome your fear of bridges. In fact, any phobia can be addressed with the power of hypnosis to some degree of success. You do not need to live your life paralyzed by fear. There are options available to you if you are willing to put forth enough effort to listen to tapes and meditate daily. The more effort you put into overcoming this particular fear, the more effective your efforts are likely to be.

Small Steps Net Big Changes

Don’t push yourself when attempting to overcome your fears. Small steps can bring about big changes when it comes to overcoming a fear of bridges and get rolling right over them.