How To Overcome Stinking Thinking?

“For as he thinks within himself, so he is…” Proverbs 23:7

Has your negative thinking kept you from moving forward in your vision? Does negative thinking keep reminding you of the failures and mistakes of yesterday? Negative thinking can convince you that you can’t live an effective life because you have been in a negative situation for too long. Negative thinking can make you feel that you can’t be successful, you can’t do anything right, you can’t live pass yesterday’s problems, today’s circumstances or tomorrow’s challenges.

You cannot afford to let negative, stinking thinking cause you to live life below what you are capable of living. God has a purpose and vision for you to live that will not only change your life but will help change the lives of those connected to you.

Several years ago, I read a powerful inspirational story about Roger   Bannister . Roger  Bannister  was the first runner to break the four-minute mile. Before he broke the record it was widely believed to be impossible for a human to run a mile in under four minutes. It was believed that the four-minute mile was a physical barrier that could not be broken because of the significant damage it could cause to a runners health. The achievement of a four-minute mile seemed impossible to break.

On a spring day, May 6, 1954, Roger  Bannister  did what others thought was impossible; he crossed the finish line with a time of 3 minutes and 59. 4 seconds and broke what others thought was an impossible record. The barrier that everyone thought could not be broken physically turned out to be something bigger- a psychological barrier that could not be broken in the mind. Until Roger  Bannister  decided to break through the mental barriers, he could have never achieved the incredible record setting feat.

So what happened to the physical barrier that had stifled runners for years from breaking the four- minute-mile? Was there a sudden transformation in the human make up? No! Did Roger receive some kind of super power that enhanced his ability? No! It was the change in thinking that propelled Roger to break what others thought was an insurmountable record.

When he broke through his four minute psychological barrier it released hundreds of male runners to break through their negative mindsets and realize that it was possible for them to achieve the same. I believe the same can be true in your life that when you break the barriers in your own thinking it leads to others breaking the barriers in their own thinking.

What artificial barriers have you placed in your life? What negative inner conversations have you been speaking to yourself? Have you told yourself that you are not smart enough to get the promotion or you don’t have enough experience to start the business? Have you succumb to thoughts that tell you constantly you don’t deserve a better life or that you will never make enough money to live debt free? Have you convinced yourself with your own negativity that achieving your vision is impossible or out of your reach? Have you literally talked yourself out of going after what God has specifically promised you?

If you have convinced yourself of this, today is the day to change your thinking. If God promised that you can achieve beyond your current situation then it is possible. Your responsibility is to trust what God has promised you, believe it and go after it. You may have to go it alone. You may have to let go of some people or give up some possessions. You may have to stay up late and get up early. The only way that you are going to obtain victory is to keep thinking forward.

I imagine that Roger  Bannister  heard an earful of negative and discouraging talk. He heard the media say that breaking the four minute-mile was inconceivable. He heard the doctor reports that said it is beyond human possibility. He heard the analysts say the record would never be broken. At times, he may have even questioned “What am I doing?” But, Roger decided that he was going to fight through all of the obstacles and accept the challenge. He had a hunger and drive deep within that kept pushing him to his ultimate goal of breaking the four minute mile.

His vision of breaking the record was so powerful that it would not allow him to quit or give in to the naysayers. His mind was made up and his will could not be broken. The moment when he broke through his psychological barriers, the once impossible record became possible. No negative reports. No discouraging opinions. No false barriers were going to stop him from achieving what he knew was attainable.

The best step that you can take in the pursuit of your vision is to change how you think. If Roger  Bannister  had accepted that the four-minute mile was impossible, he never would have attempted to break through his mental barrier. He would have allowed the negativity to dissuade him. He would have complied with the naysayers’ voice. He would have consented to the dream killing experts. Instead, he decided to go after his dream.

Just think of all the things in your life God has shown you is possible. If He said it then you can believe He can bring it to pass through you. However, Roger  Bannister  had to not only believed he could break the four minute mile record, he had to exercise his belief. To finally breakthrough your four minute mile you are going to have to believe the impossible and in the famous words of Nike®, “Just do it®.”