How to Pick a Great Jogging Stroller

Jogging strollers are a wonderful way to spend time with your baby and get a great workout at the same time. There are hundreds of different jogging strollers available and each one offers a variety of features that are included for safety or for fun.

To get the best stroller for your needs, there are a few things to consider. Take a close look at the different features and quality to make sure you’re happy with the final purchase.


One of the most important parts of a jogging stroller is the wheels. They have to be strong, durable and able to handle almost any kind of terrain. Since swivel wheels are very unstable while jogging, a good jogging stroller will have a good locking mechanism to keep the wheels perfectly straight at all times.


Since joggers come in many heights and sizes, it’s important to have adjustable handles that won’t get in the way of a jogger’s knees. Choose a jogging stroller that can adjust for the heights you need in order to ensure a fun and safe run each time.

Another important feature that should be considered is handle breaks. They are very important for inclines so that the stroller will never go out of control or easily slip away from you.

Safety Buckles

Finding a good stroller with sturdy safety buckles is a very important feature to ensure the baby’s comfort and safety while out over different terrain. Make sure buckles can be adjusted to fit the baby’s size and keep them snug in the stroller without sitting too tight. Buckles and straps that are placed too high, low, loose or tight will cause discomfort and potentially harm the baby throughout the run.

Sun Shade

A sun shade may not seem like an important feature for a stroller but it’s certainly necessary to keep the baby comfortable and protected from the harsh sun. Choose a jogging stroller that offers different adjustable angles for the sun shade, which will give you the freedom to provide partial or full sun coverage for a safe and fun ride.

Adjustable Features

Having different adjustable features is important for a comfortable and long-lasting jogging stroller. As mentioned earlier, having an adjustable handle will provide more comfort for your run and even having adjustable angles for the handle will give you more options when using the stroller on the run or for casual walks.

Adjustable features that are important for the baby would be the safety buckles, seat angles and the sun shade angles. The straps and buckles will provide safety in comfort, the sun shade will protect them from the heat and light and the seat angles will give the baby different options for sitting up high or resting peacefully for a nap.

Before heading out to get a jogging stroller, make sure to look at all of the features along with the quality and ratings associated with the style you prefer. Always keep the different features in mind to ensure you get the best design that will last for many enjoyable years outdoors with your little one.