How to Plan A Fabulous Birthday Party At An Event Cinema

Event cinemas are quickly becoming quite the destination for movie lovers of all ages because they offer so much more than a standard theater. Not only do you get a chance to check out the latest offerings from Hollywood, but you also have the added bonus of having a sensory experience that appeals to the fine dining connoisseur with a touch of movie buff.

The great thing is these service-oriented theaters is that you can actually plan private events like birthday parties, which is an unprecedented level of cool. The issue, however, becomes knowing exactly what you need to know to throw the most amazing birthday shindig for someone set with the backdrop of a great movie, killer menu, and often enough, refreshing libation.

First of all, you need to know what kind of things the birthday boy or girl likes. As much as we can be taken by the splendor of the event cinema, we need to keep in mind that this party is for someone else & their opinion matters. What’s their favorite movie? Do they like burgers? Are they fans of craft beer? Any people whom they’d rather not be in attendance? A fabulous birthday means getting the details right, so dig deep in your research. If you’re going to go all-in, you want to be sure to get everything just right.

Also, be sure to make contact with the movie theater to find out what options are included in a venue rental. You could get a bunch of friends together and take up room in a crowded theater, or you could actually rent the whole theater out for your get-together! Now, that’s entertainment! When contacting the theater, find out what the minimum guest number is, what options can be had for the movie shown, and if there is a special screening of some kind (i.e., media of your own creation), find out if they have a way to incorporating it into rental package. Who wouldn’t want to watch old home movies on a big screen with a huge sound system?

Finally, when inquiring about the offerings, find out how closely you can work with the chef. The usual theater fare is still available, but event cinemas & dine-in theater concepts have raised the bar in terms of the quality in their foods and drinks. The tastes of the moviegoer have become more refined & customers are consistently asking for more gourmet options. As such, you may actually consult with a chef to see what can be offered for your planned birthday party. More importantly, you can be sure to let the theater know of any allergies.

The casual home birthday party with paper hats and store-bought sheet-cake will always have a place in our hearts, but when you really are looking for something a little indulgent and memorable, the event cinema/dine-in theater may just be the ticket to a birthday celebration for the ages.