How to Plan a Romantic Getaway in 5 Easy Steps

I love to plan little romantic getaways for my husband and I. He works a high stress job outside of the home and I work a high stress job in the home. Therefore, I feel it is necessary for our sanity that we get away for a couple of days and enjoy being married to each other.

For those of you who are among the "romance challenged", I thought it would be nice to share my five easy steps for a romantic getaway to take some of the hassle out of planning your own adventure with that significant other.

1. Budget and plan the destination. Pick a place that has not only a romantic atmosphere but also has a lot to offer in both scenery as well as adventure. It should also offer a price tag that is in your budget range. While most people will tell you that you can not put a price tag on love, there are limits to taking a lovely trip with that special person. You should plan for a special event along your trip, for example: a picnic at a specified spot along the way, a horseback riding trip, or a romantic sunset interlude on the beach.

2. Keep it a secret from that special person so they will be surprised, and charmed by the fact that you went to the trouble of planning the whole trip. Pack the standard things you will need on your trip for yourself and your loved one. Although you should keep in mind the climate of your destination and the activities you will be engaging in while there. Make sure your schedules are clear for the trip without letting on that you have planned the whole thing. Whatever you do do not use an excuse that can backfire on you!

3. Have everything ready and confirmed. Pack the car the night before your trip if you're going to drive, and or have the bags waiting if you're going to fly. Enlist the help of a friend if you are going to the airport. Arrange for them to not only drop you off but pick you up when you return to avoid those parking fees and rental situations.

4. Take the bare minimum in the way of technology; I advise taking a cell phone and an MP3 player only. The cell phone is for emergency use only! No checking your social networking accounts. The MP3 player is for music to set the mood.

5. Make this trip about your loved one; show them how you feel about them. Above all else have fun and enjoy spending time with the one you love.

With these 5 easy tips you should be able to plan a romantic yet affordable trip to spend time with your significant other. I hope you enjoy and have fun on your romantic getaway.