How to Plan For a Craft Show

If you love making craft items, you've probably got a problem that affects all craft people. You probably find that your crafts are piling up around you. Well, if you're making them faster than you can find something to do with them, you might consider considering participating in a craft show.

Craft shows are a lot of fun and they can be profitable, too, if you know how to handle them. The first thing you need to know is what to bring to the craft show. Well, that all depends on the venue.

If you're going to an indoor craft show, the chances are good that you'll be given a set amount of space and maybe even provided with a table. Be sure to ask, though, since you may be required to bring your own table. Indoor craft shows are reliably easy, as far as preparation goes.

All you need for basics is a comfortable folding chair, a table if it's required and, of course, your craft items. Remember, though, that you may also want to bring a lunch, you should bring price tags, pens, marks and, of course, a cash box with change, too. In addition, it would not hurt to bring an unfinished craft to work on to pass the time and to show people who walk by exactly what it is that you do. Also, do not forget to bring your business cards or brochures, if you have any.

For an outdoor show, prep gets a little more complicated. You should bring all of the above things. However, you should also bring tarps, some sort of awning or tent and pack your crafts in water-tight containers that you can quickly re-pack, in case it rains. Also, you usually have some flexibility with setup in outdoor spaces. So, you may want to bring a coat rack, quilt rack or other type of display, depending on what sort of craft you do.

Finally, you may not only want to rely on the crowd that is going to come to the craft show anyway. There are plenty of ways that you can market to a wider audience and make sure they show up to your space at the fair as well. If you have a website, you should make a section for appearances where your products will be sold locally. Also, you can alert your Facebook friends and fans that you'll be selling at the local craft show, providing relevant dates for them to come by and check out your items.