How to Plan Your Backend Product

Publishing a book is an excellent idea to establish yourself as a reliable source in your field. However, the question remains – should writing and publishing a book, be done first before you build an info product? In my opinion, I would not say it should be done before you build an info product. All the products that you produce like your ebooks, self-published books, information products etc. Are all lead generators to get your visitors to your back end product. So, the most important thing to planning your online empire is to think about exactly what your back end product is going to be. Are you going to offer a coaching program? Sometimes that is your backend. Maybe you'll have a home study course or whatever. You need to think about your backend first and then work your way backwards. Most online marketers fail to tell you to think about your backend first and then work your way back in your planning process.

This is how you do it. You create your book to sell your other programs and to create the info product you plan on selling on your website. So basically you think with the end result in mind. So you say, "Okay, I want to create a seminar or I want to create a home study course." If the home study course is going to sell for $ 1,000 what you want to do is think about your lead in to this $ 1,000 product. What is it? Well, perhaps you need a mini-home study course that sells for $ 500. So, anyone that buys the mini-home study course would pretty much be able to opt in to the next level.

But before that, you'll also need to think about how you're going to get people to the mini-home study course. Well, you're going to probably have to sell them a book. You need to have your visitor know who you are so that you can upsell them into purchasing the mini-home study course. And you need to remember, the purpose of mini-home study course is going to sell them into your high-level home study course. If you do it that way, that's a better way to build your business.

However, in my honest opinion, one of the best ways to really give you a lot of leverage and credibility in the marketplace is to have a book. If you come out of the barriers and establish yourself as a big-ticket person, then you're going to make a lot more money. Basically, you're going to gain a lot more respect and people are going to appreciate your information and everything else that you have to offer. And if you create a book, that's going to lead people to your big ticket item. This will make you become even more well-established and respected in the marketplace. Now, do not hold me to that. I know it could work the opposite way. But here's the thing: realize that all your book really is – is a lead generator.