How To Play 16×16 Sudoku Puzzles

Through the years, Sudoku has become so popular a game that many variants have sprung from its original 9×9 grid puzzle. From the classic 9×9 grid puzzle, the 16×16 Sudoku puzzle was inspired. This made playing Sudoku more challenging for those who take time to complete it. Although both the 16×16 and 9×9 Sudoku puzzles have game rules that are quite identical to each other, we can still find little differences between them. Let us take a closer look at the ways on how to play this particular Sudoku puzzle variant and how it differs from the classic 9×9 grid Sudoku puzzle.

In terms of rules, there is not much difference between the classic 9×9 Sudoku puzzle and the 16×16 grid puzzle. You still have to see to it that no number should appear more than once on every row, column, and sub-square. Thus, in a 16×16 puzzle, the numbers 1 to 16 should be written and placed only once on each of those said places.

As you may have already noticed by now, the main difference between the two is their grid sizes. The 16×16 grid puzzle has, obviously, a larger grid size compared to the classic 9×9 Sudoku grid. Because of this, completing a 16×16 puzzle may take a longer period of time than when you try to complete the 9×9 one. The larger the grid size, the more numbers you will have to place into their corresponding blank boxes.

Although completing a 16×16 grid puzzle may be slightly harder than the 9×9 puzzle, you can still be able to successfully complete it with the right strategies and, of course, by using logic. You must also keep in mind that what makes a Sudoku puzzle hard to complete is its difficulty level, which depends on how the prearranged numbers are being placed and not by the size of its grid. This puzzle game is not a guessing game, and the only way to get the right answers to this puzzle is by getting your brain work by exercising your logical skills.

It is also very important to be thorough both in answering and checking whether you have placed the right numbers to those empty boxes. In addition to that, try your best to keep your focus and watch out for those repeated numbers. Do not forget to check every corner of that puzzle. Check and double-check every row, every column, and every sub-square on that 16×16 grid. Making sure that you have placed the right numbers into the right boxes by double-checking really pays off in the end.

This particular Sudoku variant can be found in the internet or printed on Sudoku pads. Whichever form you would want, just remember those basic Sudoku rules and guidelines and play the game with logic and patience because you can never successfully complete a Sudoku puzzle without them. With these at hand, you will surely be able to successfully complete it. You should not miss trying to complete the 16×16 Sudoku puzzle for it can give you the mental stimulation and challenge that you so badly need.