How to Play a Set in Texas Hold'em Poker

When it comes to No Limit Texas Hold'em, your bread and butter is going to come when you make a set on the flop. This is when you hold a pair in your hand, and make three of a kind on the flop. An example would be if you held 88 for your hole cards, and the flop came down 6-8-Queen. Now, like I said before this is where you'll make most of your money playing poker, so you need to know how to maximize your profit in these situations. This article will give you all the moves you need to really extract the most chips.

The first variable that will affect your play is your position. If you're out of position, meaning that you act first, I suggest that you fire out a bet that is between the the size of the pot to the full size of the pot. The reason to do this is because if you make that bet and your opponent has a hand or a draw, he'll continue on with his hand, and the pot will grow. However, if you had checked to attempt a check raise, he probably would have checked behind you seeing as how his hand is only mediocre.

Another variable that comes into play here is the preflop action. If you made a raise preflop, then made your set, you should definitely fire out a bet here to avoid players getting scared off. The reason they'd get scared is because since you were the preflop raiser you're supposed to continue your aggression on the flop, and if you do not it is a hint that you're holding a monster.

In another case, if someone else made the preflop raise, you may consider checking or betting out. If you were out of position against a tight aggressive player who raised preflop, I'd still fire out a bet because it is likely he will raise you, and then you can get all your chips in. This will make you much more money then checking to him, then raising, because in that scenario he will fold and you'll only get one bet.

One time when you may want to check your set post flop is when you're playing against an extremely aggressive player. Since he's known to bluff at pots and make very aggressive plays, the best move is to simply let him bet his chips off by check / calling him, then putting in a small raise on the river.

Playing sets is where you'll make all your money in Internet Poker , so it's very important that you extract the most money when you make the set. The opportunities of floating a set with a pocket pair is only 7: 1, so make sure you take advantage when you do make the hand. The above article is all the poker strategy you need.