How to Play at Work and Still Increase Productivity

Have you ever attended an American football game? The excitement of the cheering crowd, the fast action on the field, the coaches and team members showing support from the sidelines, and the cheerleaders keeping the fans engaged are the components that make this event fun. If you take this same scenario and apply it to the workplace, you will find a great deal of similarities. Besides, how pleasurable would your work be if you could imagine yourself going to a football game everyday instead of an ordinary office? Making your experience at work enjoyable is essential for increased productivity.

Like each member of a football team, each coworker has a role to play in order to score points – to complete a project, meet a deadline, or launch a new product or service. The manager, or coach, lays out the game plan and strategies, and each team member carries out the required movement, or play, in order to successfully move the football towards the goal line. While all of this action takes place, the support staff, or the cheerleaders, handles the administrative tasks, which helps to provide efficiency and keeps the exhilaration flowing. Each member of this team and every second of the game are valuable. Having that team mentality is also an effective way of increasing morale, motivating colleagues, and setting the course for the business.

To help build and continue that team camaraderie, words of support, chants and cheers, and “can do” attitudes need to be put into play through the use of motivational tools, for example, free inspirational wallpapers. With the majority of time and effort being spent on moving towards the goal line, having sharp images and heartening words to cheer us on is an extraordinary form of stimulation and encouragement. The “playbook” – or computer desktop – should be chock full of free inspirational wallpapers. Along with individual know-how, training, endurance, and physical abilities, inspiration is key for a winning season.

At football games, there are often signs and banners hung around the stadium to let the home team know that their fans are behind them. Spectators wear team paraphernalia, and the stadium and field are decorated with the team colors, symbols, and mascot. If your office is the playing field, why not populate it with free inspirational wallpapers to keep your spirits high? Your main tool, your personal computer, which helps you get to the goal line, should display free inspirational desktop wallpaper backgrounds for support. Visible inspiration could be just the right thing an individual needs to score the winning touchdown.

Viewing the workplace as a standard office environment can make the workday mundane and less fruitful. Creating enjoyment in your work helps to regenerate new life and energy, and by having a refreshed spirit and boost in drive, a person is much more productive. We cannot always control the type of work that comes our way or the demands and pressures that we face. But, we can make the best of the environment that we find ourselves in, and we can always begin with our workspace. Using a little creativity can bring a whole new dimension to your workplace and add the right amount of motivation to improve the work experience.