How to Pour a Concrete Slab

Correctly placing concrete to make an outstanding slab is very easy to accomplish with the correct steps. There are two kinds of slabs: the upper and base slabs. The first kind needs additional care to details although both kinds need to be made well. Unadvisable pouring techniques can render the whole thing useless and you may have to fix it again, wasting valuable time and energy. You have to be careful as possible with the building and placing of the slab to avoid unnecessary trouble.


The materials needed are concrete aggregates (made of cement, gravel and sand) and wooden forms.


The tools needed are trowel, spade, shovel, smooth two by three by ten lumber, pail for the concrete mix, hand gloves and rubber boots.


Decide whether to create a base or upper slab. If you decided to create the first one, double check if the concrete aggregate components follows the one (cement bag): two (sand bags): three (gravel bags) proportion. But if you are making an upper floor slab, used one one (cement bag): one (sand bag): two (gravel bags) proportion.

Wooden frames determine the final look of your project so you should make sure that they are sturdy enough to end any kind of pressure. Never place concrete without any wooden forms since you will never achieve your desired result.

Another thing to remember is to never place concrete into weak forms. It will just affect the quality and the stability of the slab in the long run. You should also use a 10 millimeter steel bar to reinvent the set-up. Double check if the center is even and the tie wires are secure enough. You should also check if there is no excess debris on the location where the mixture is to be placed.

Any type of material like plastics or wood will affect the overall look of the slab. Place the concrete mixture slowly. If the mixing area and placement area are far from one another, use a spade to place the concrete on a container. Then carry it over the placement area. If both places are near one another, use the spade to distribute it evenly.

To ensure that you have spread the mixture evenly, pierce the sides of the slab with the spade. Flatten the surface with the help of a two by three by ten wood by brushing it across the slab's surface.