How To Practice Eco-Friendly Real Estate While Simultaneously Saving Cash

A major issue that is negatively influencing both the environment and the financial standing of the people around the world, is the rapidly increasing power consumption. Electricity bills have become a major constituent of the overall spending for most people around the word. A cost effective way to bring down the power consumption as well as promoting environmental preservation, is sure to kill two birds with one stone. Here are some tips for the same:

Administer A Power Audit

Identifying the main source of power consumption in your house can go a long way in helping you reduce your electricity bill. Once you realise which of your appliances is consuming the most energy, you can limit its use. Not everyone knows the correct way to conduct the power audit, so you can always hire a professional for the job. This will prevent any health hazards that might occur while you tinker around with equipments you are not acquainted with.

Replace Incandescent Lighting

One of the biggest consumers of power are incandescent bulbs. You must replace them with compact fluorescent bulbs, as they will help you save up to 44% of energy consumption. Another way to reduce the energy consumption is by cleaning light bulbs, since dust can cut light output by at least 25%.

Change The Cooking Appliances

If you notice a sudden hike in the energy consumption, then the first thing to do is replace all your old appliances with new ones, since they will consume less energy. Also, if you are using an oven for baking purposes, switch to a microwave as microwaves use 40% less energy and will not heat the kitchen in the process.

Create A Hot-Cold Equilibrium

Another way to limit the power consumption is by using a programmable thermostat. This allows you to enjoy ideal temperatures without running up your electric bill. Also, it is recommended that you install a ceiling fan as well as an AC, because AC’s are extremely power hungry. You can also insulate your water heater with a water heater jacket. This will keep the water warmer for a longer duration and prevent the need to switch on the heater again.

Invest In A Recycling Station

Instead of throwing away the garbage, what if you could recycle and reuse it in your backyard? This eco-friendly practice is available to you, if you install a recycling and compost station in your home. As a result of this, you will not only help the environment by preventing improper garbage disposal, but will also cut down on your expenses of buying the same articles repeatedly.

In today’s smart age, nobody wants to be the one causing environmental degradation. The steps mentioned above will not only help you with protecting the environment, but will also lower your overall spending.