How to Prevent Your Rug From Getting Spoiled

1) Vacuum the rug regularly:

It is very important to vacuum the rug regularly but in the direction of the pile of the carpet and not against it. Vacuuming the carpets against the pile of the carpet would only ruin and damage the carpet and will decrease the longevity of your beautiful carpet. Also, experts recommend that daily vacuuming is not mandatory. Ideally one should only vacuum two or three times a week.

2) Prevent from Moths, Beetles:

One of the major enemy’s of handmade oriental rugs is moths and beetles. The same moth’s that destroy clothes and food can hamper your favorite carpets. Moths prefer dark places and if the rug is not used and is kept in dark storage, the carpets are most likely to be infested by moths. When you are examining your carpet for moth damage, make sure to inspect the back of the rug since moths are more prone to damage the back of the carpet as opposed to the front of it.

Therefore, a carpets that is walked on and used frequently is less likely prone to rug damage. However, in case moths or beetle damages your rug, it is best to give it to a rug repair expert and get it professionally rectified.

3) Avoid direct sunlight:

Direct sunlight is also one of the nemeses for a damaged carpet. Sunlight streaming through a direct window is sure to damage your rug in some way or the other. Usually, the colors fade unevenly and wool/ cotton dry out and become brittle. With this being said, it is essential to prudent your expensive item and be careful to expose it to direct sunlight. You can eliminate this problem by keeping your curtains closed or coating your windows with Mylar that has the secondary effect off taking a couple of degrees off heat.

4) Use Rug Pads:

Although no one has ever methodically demonstrated that the use of rug pad can increase the longevity of your masterpiece, it is still recommended by a lot of carpets professionals. Rug pads primarily prevent the carpet from slipping and provide an extra cushion to the rug even though most likely your handmade rug will outlast the rug pad.

To conclude, it would be right to say that although there are a plethora of tips available other than the aforementioned pointers in order to protect your rug, it is advisable to follow these steps to avoid burning a hole in your pocket for rug repairing especially after investing a good amount of money in buying one for your beautiful home.