How to Promote a Grand Opening When Starting Your Own Business

If you are starting your own business now or very soon in the future, then congratulations! You are taking the first step towards becoming an entrepreneur and being your own boss! The sense of pride and ownership that comes along with starting your own business is second to none. The problem is, however, if you don’t have anyone telling you what to do, you have to come up with all the answers yourself. This can be scary when you realize that you and only you are responsible for getting new customers and paying all the bills!

Here is a great checklist that will help you hold an awesome grand opening when starting your own business which will give you great visibility and tell the world that you are now open for business! 

  1. Start with those you know – Get on the phone, on email, or face to face and tell everyone you know about your grand opening. Get them to commit and write their name down on a list. Let them know you will follow up with them as the grand opening nears to remind them.
  2. Create and submit a press release – Depending on the details of your open house, it is not unlikely that you will get a little press about it in local publications. Just write one or have one written for you and submit it to all local papers and magazines. In addition, email a copy to everyone on your email list.
  3. Talk to your local Chamber of Commerce – Chamber of Commerce often have programs specifically for the grand opening of a business…provided you join the Chamber of course. So if you aren’t a member, join, and then ask them how they can help you promote your grand opening to the masses!
  4. Barter with other businesses – When starting your own business, money can be tight. A great way to get the things you need is to barter with other businesses. You can offer to promote their business at your Grand Opening in return for things like food, drinks, or other prizes that can be used as giveaways. These businesses may even agree to promote the grand opening to their email or mailing list if you promise to include their business name as sponsor on all of your promotional materials.
  5. Print and handout fliers – Fliers work, if the message is strong. Make sure to craft an enticing message that will encourage folks to want to attend your grand opening, include some graphics, and print some fliers. Then, get out and there and give out as many as you can! Including a coupon or entry into a giveaway contest as part of the flier is a great way to entice people to attend. Put fliers up on community billboards, in the windows of other stores in your area and give one to as many folks as you can. This is your grand opening, so do your best to get the word out!

While the above don’t include everything that you can to promote a grand opening when starting your own business, it is a fairly solid list and if you take the time to complete each item, chances are your grand opening will be a smashing success and a wonderful start to your new life of business ownership!