How to Properly Install a Wood Stove

Always wanted to add a fireplace or wood stove into your home but didn’t know how to go about it? Before you actually have it installed, you have to be aware that there is a lot of maintenance involved so that the fire stays within the wood stove and does not make its surroundings catch fire.

If you have a place that can accommodate the wooden stove in your home then you should look over the safety guidelines that come with the house.

The first rule that should be observed when you want to install the wooden stove in your home is to never attempt it by yourself. Always seek help for the task is no easy feat. Sometimes you might overlook a safety aspect and turn a fire loose in the house. You must exercise extreme caution for the wooden stove is an old style device and may be vulnerable to many things.

Insurance may not cover fires caused by a wooden stove so it is advisable to check wit them on this. Another is to check the manufacturers warranty for it may not be valid if the stove was not professionally installed.

It’s a good idea to follow several safely regulations to help prevent and problems from popping up:

If the wood stove is installed on a wooden or combustible surface, you should build a non-combustible support. The coverage of the area should be enough to cover the stove underneath and also some feet in front of it.

Likewise the hearth extension fronting the wooden stove should be made of a non-combustible material and must extend at least 16 inches in front and 10 inches on each side and back of the stove.

Make sure that the stoves have an ash guard and spark resistant screen. Using additional metal or glass doors is okay.

Plan the location of the stove. Will it be placed in a place that has many items nearby that could catch fire? Is it near any gas outlets or gas tanks?

Never under any circumstances directly back up the stove against the wall. There should be a minimum distance of 16 inches of unprotected space in any case. The walls should also not become very hot for it means the stove is too close to it. If the distance is a problem, you should install a ventilator mechanism above to vent the air and heat away.

Decide how you want the smoke from the stove to be funneled out. Never have an open funnel stove for it can ruin your walls with soot and probably cause fires. You may want to invest in a single or double funnel system to vent out the excess heat.

Clearly, installing a wood stove is more tedious and tricky due to its antique-ness and old fashioned use. Always practice safety and caution.