How to Properly Mount a Rifle Scope

There are no mysteries to shooting accurately and precisely. Other than choosing the right equipments and the right ammunition, mounting the scope the right way is part of it.

If you prefer to mount a scope yourself, you will need a sound and steady vise in a well lit area. There are many ways to mount a scope and everyone will formulate his own way after a few attempts. However, improperly mounting the scope could be costly and makes it hard to shoot a target precisely.

  • Mounting a scope excessively close to the barrel may cause it to ward off the scope’s modifications since one end can be contacting the barrel.
  • Mounting the scope excessively low may cause some insufficient distance headroom within your head and the cheek piece in order to see the target’s image.
  • Conversely, if the scope is mounted too high, you may find hovering over the cheek piece, and your head would not be touching the stock that can cause some imbalance when seeing the target.

In any case, it could cause unsteadiness while seeing the target through the scope.

Mounting the scope the right way will lead to achieve its best accuracy.

  1. First and foremost, make sure the rifle is unloaded. Fasten the rifle firmly in a padded gun vise
  2. Even out the rifle by placing a level on the base horizontal to the rifle bore
  3. Take out the plug screws and degrease the base of the screws with a cleaner or degreaser
  4. Clean the top of the receiver and the bottom of the base to leave proper contact between the receiver and the base
  5. Tighten the base screws down
  6. Attach the scope rings and tighten them down with a scope ring tool to make sure the rings are adjusted and lined up
  7. Test the scope for any shifting with the crosshair. Position the scope between two V-blocks and spin the scope. Look at the crosshairs for wobble and adjust the scope until there is no visible shifting. This is important for your accuracy
  8. Lay the scope into the rings and tighten snugly the rings to leave room for adjustments. Make sure the gap between the ring base and top strap is even on both sides to maintain the pressure level uniform all around the body of the scope
  9. Take out the rifle from the vise. Set the scope to the widest field of view while maintaining the rifle flat on your shoulder. Align the vertical post in the scope with a level line on a wall and spin the scope until the cross hairs are aligned. Make sure is plumb vertically and horizontally
  10. Once the scope is lined up, position the rifle back in the vise and fasten the rings screws fully

With your scope properly mounted, you must check if the rifle is operating with no interference from the mount. The scope should be at its true and exact mechanical focus point and it’s geared up for target shooting.